At a time when the financial crisis in Greece and elsewhere is reaching a high point, the 4th Athens Biennale AGORA (AB4) could not but respond to this bleak situation through a pertinent question: Now what? 

Pondering this turning point, AB4 took this economic question literally by staging an economic conference (coinciding timely with the World Bank / IMF Annual Meeting in Washington) and inviting blue chip economists from around the world to convey, as well as debate, current economic thinking about “the crisis” and possible ways forward. 

As a part of this economic forum and right before its launch, Teo, the founder of TEOSOPHY, attempted to predict the future of the Greek economy using his famous Tarot cards.

My presence, here, implies that we might need to look elsewhere -perhaps outside the materialistic perspective of things- to find the solution for a problem that is in fact material-based! The Tarot cards, being a spiritual tool, do not tell if there will be a surplus in the budget of the subsequent financial year; nevertheless, they do describe in detail all these precious qualities that we need to develop in order to leave this dark tunnel wiser and more in tune with our true selves.