An ode to the mysterious “shades of the night”, as well as the seductive world of occult herbology constitutes TEOSOPHY’s second capsule collection. Fellow traveler on this voyage was the very Nightshades family itself with DaturaBelladonna and Mandrake being the main sources of inspiration for a series of edgy total looks for both men and women.

Having as a background a dusky and cold colour palette the soft oversized sweatshirts get combined with brushed satin slim-fit trousers, the skirts acquire dramatic length playing with crepe’s fluidity, while the clerical caftan-shirts made of cotton poplin highlight layering. 

Every piece of the collection comes along with the corresponding herb pouch and with the help of a spiritual manual the garment transforms itself into a powerful spiritual tool, with which one can “work”, in order to improve his personal life or career. 

It was natural to begin our ready-to-wear collection from the research and discovery of herbology, an esoteric tradition with universal character and presence in the spiritual life of every culture.” stated Teo, founder of TEOSOPHY.

“The fact itself that a herb may have metaphysic qualities is something fascinating, raising at the same time essential questions around nature’s role and power, but mainly regarding our own unbroken connection with her.

Influenced by this nocturnal scenery, this season’s Tarot t-shirts could not be other than the Devil, the Moon and the Star, depicting on their misty canvases symbols and figures that hypnotize with their repeated curves. 

TEOSOPHY’s capsule collection “Nightshades” is available throughout Europe exclusively at www.teosophy.net 

MATERIALS: Smooth single jersey, peach-skin finished fleece, cotton poplin, brushed satin, soft crepe. 

COLOURS: pure white, misty grey, icy violet, midnight green, smoky grey, eerie black. 

DETAILS: hybrid collars on the caftan-shirts, embroidered quinquetras (the symbol in TEOSOPHY’s logo) on the sweatshirts. 

SUSTAINABILITY: The collection is entirely created in Greece, boosting the local economy and apparel industry.